Little Pee Hole Fucker

Little Pee Hole Fucker

I'm feeling particularly nasty today. Hmm, what is the absolute most disturbing thing I could make you do? I could make you wrap your tiny arms around my lovers big hard cock and jerk him off. That would be pretty humiliating. I could even make kiss and lick his swollen purple knob. That would be even humiliating. Wait a minute, I think I have an even more disturbing idea! You see my lover really enjoys when I play with his pee hole. It as after all the most sensitive part of the male body and many men enjoy having this area stimulated. You see the male urethra is a very nerve filled organ and stretching it slightly can provide some exquisite sexual pleasure. Most men and who have experienced stretching of their urethra and know about the pleasure of it. My lover likes when I stick my tongue deep inside it, or insert things like Q- tips, baby carrots, thermometers and other fun things into his hole. The fetish term for this little game is often called "cock stuffing and as I said earlier my man loves it. So how would it feel is I were to shove a wee shrunken man in there? I bet your squirming and wriggling around would be so intensely pleasurable that he could barely stand it! And how great would it feel if after I got you inside his cock I made him fuck my pussy really really hard? Would I feel you squirming inside of his cock as it slides back and forth deep inside me? And what about you little fella? How would it feel for you to wrapped in a cocoon of living, throbbing, engorged cock-flesh? And then to feel the pressure and contraction as the inside of my pussy contracts and spams from getting savagely pounded? And what about when he finally blows his load? What will it feel like to ride a geyser of hot, thick, sticky cum? Lets find out! Oh sure you might not survive but it is going to be amazing so who cares ;) 


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